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Wax~chassis paint~other
auto paint spraing kit
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Repair paint kit


Packing:16ml   air tin :250ML

Using paintingbrush spraying for small scratch repair and paint ,we have litter color different


Kit: you can used spraying tin good for normal scratch and small place repair

Feature :mail for the car painting , one type paint march one paint



Clear coating (Varnish):16mL ,after painting paint  must paint the clear coat (Varnish )add Gloss and hardeness

Fast dry NC primer filler: 10g  filler  the deep scratch ,must user sanding paper sanding after spraying paint


Thinner : 3ML for painting mixing

Paint damper water:10ML for Let new paint with old paint edge merge.


WAX:25g add gross. The paint dry second days . use the wax sanding  the new paint place .


Masking cover: no need repair place need use masking cover protect eg :LED light.

Sanding packing : sanding board , Anti-blocking needle. Scraper, Sandpaper, straw

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