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Polyester Putty
F512 light weight body filler
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light weight putty

Application& Characteristic

This product is light weight putty, belonging to bi-component BPO system. The hardener has no pungent smells, with environmental protection and the proportion is only 1.0. It is the most popular product in Europe andAmerica, particularly easy scraping and polishing. Compared with the same quality and weight putty, it has the larger application area, cheaper comprehensive cost, with refined graybody, and good adhesion in all kinds of metal substrate surface (anodic alumina except).

Scope of construction:

It can be used in iron panel, steel plate, aluminum plate,  aluminum alloy plate, galvanized sheet, FRP and on any painted metallic surface.

Main performance indexes:



    Test method




Impact strength(kg.cm)



Thermal resistance

1h baking under 120

No bubble, no crack



First class

Bending method




Sanding property

Easy sanding

Hand feel

P.S: Temperature variation resistance-40(1h)- normal atmospheric temperature(1h)—120(1h) is a cycle



Sanded bare metal or epoxy primer

Surface Cleaning

Remove wax, rust, and other contaminations with degreaser.

Mixing Ratio

Putty: Hardener=100: 1.5-3 ( by weight )


Minutes (25)  Pot life

Minutes (25)  Dry-to-Sand (dry) Time








Method of Application

Spread with putty knife, spreader


Wet sanding: first sanding with P60-P100, second sanding with P320-P400.

Not Suitable Substrates

Phenolic primer,alkd primers

Shelf Life

12 to 24 months in original sealed can at cool and dry place at25.




1.     Stir well before use. Do not restore excess materials to can.

2.     Mix with hardener by right ratio. Blend them well to avoid cracking or poor curing.

3.     When there is air bubble while applying, fully scrape to evenness with putty knife to ensure good adhesion.

4.     Spread a thin coat once on the surface. Deep repair area better spread with several thin coats.

5.     Wet sanding or dry sanding should be made after hardened thoroughly,best dry sanding time is about 30min after     applying putty(The temperature is25,humidity is less than 40%). Ensure the putty has been completely dry         when painting, lest drop off or bubbles.

6.     The putty has special hardener,can not match with others.

        A two component chemical paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in surfaces such as bare steel,                aluminium, galvanised steel, glass reinforced plastics and some plastics.

A two component chemical paste used for the filling of holes and imperfections in surfaces such as bare steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, glass reinforced plastics and some plastics.

Galva Fill provides good filling on vertical surfaces and is ideal as a finishing filler to prepare surfaces before painting.

* Can be over-painted with most paint systems - Use with confidence
* Fast cure - Sandable 20-30 minutes at20 C
* Uniform smooth consistency - Can be applied with minimum mess or waste
* High fill and non sag properties - Can be used to fill large areas in one operation
* Excellent sandability - Will produce a professional finish
* Ultra fine properties - Can be used as a finishing filler

Multifunction body filler that can be used for deep filling or finishing.
Excellent spreadability and super easy sanding properties.
Adheres directly to a variety of substrates including galvanised and some plastics.
very easy sanding product even after 24 hours.

·       Lightweight multipurpose filler sets in 20 minutes

·       Easy to sand, smooth durable finish

·       Ideal for small dent repair, filling or adhesion

·       For motor vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans, brickwork, concrete and timber

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