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Wax~chassis paint~other
3 inch 1 solid wax
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Fast Wax is 3 inch 1 wax

Used for all car surface paint film cosmetic polishing, defect repair, glazing maintenance. Especially suitable for high-grade paint film.Can fast repair high paint surface(clear) in case of defects due to operational errors, etc.
1. Fast move polish Scratch ,repair Paint surface by P2000sanding paper
2. Remove dust particles from the surface of the paint film, sag, excessive paint, dried tangerine peel, etc.
3. Repair the old surface layer that has been oxidized by the paint film, restore the gloss of the paint film
1):First clean the car to be waxed (partially polished, you can clean the range that needs to be polished)
2): If want for deep scratches, first polish the 3M P2000 water sandpaper, then clean by the water or wet towel.
3)Wipe the wax evenly with a sponge ball (03853) in the position where it needs to be waxed. (If it is waxing the whole car, the whole car should be divided into multiple areas for operation. Since the wax is easy to volatilize, if the whole car is rubbed, it will affect Waxing effect, dust phenomenon occurs, improper operation leads to the appearance of lacquer)
4)With the polishing machine sponge disc (03886), it is not allowed to use wool products such as wool balls or rabbit hair balls. The sponge surface must be clean and no other wax or debris can be used.
5)The fastest speed of the polishing machine is recommended in the fifth gear (speed within 1200~2500 rpm)
6)Until the wax is completely collected, the brightness is out, and the scratch is smoothed before the next partial position is applied.
7)In particular, do a full car polishing process. If you need to do mirror reduction (85028) sealing glaze (85063), you should clean the residual wax on the surface before you can do the next step.

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