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Primer Series
Epoxy primer
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Epoxy primer


Features: Two-component epoxy protective primer can be sprayed on the body or automotive primer or car chassis, 

                 finished smooth easy to wear . For the most advanced automotive primer.


UseTo protect the body against chemical corrosion or rust, simultaneously with the high density of the metal paste 

          juvenile excellent strength , but also for the adhesive layer and metal putty

Mixing ratioN400 Epoxy primer:  Epoxy hardener :Thinner = 4:1:1

Spray viscosity:20 ± 2secod/20 ℃Tu 4 cup

Mixed use period:8 hours /20 ℃Spray Pressure and tools :3-8bar ground effort on the pot ] [1.8mmgun muzzle

Spraying method2-3 layers of single wet coat

Volatilize timeVolatilize time between 5-10 minutes each /20 ℃

Drying time8 hour under20℃1 hour under60℃

Paint film thickness:Each 15 microns

Spray areaPer liter without dilute spray able 30 square meters to 15 microns film [ calculated ]

Used in:Polished and profit after expenses grease old paint [ paint ] does not include thermoplastic , 

                aluminum, galvanized steel , stainless steel, zinc, iron, fiber and other products surface

Not suit Thermoplastic paint, primer and acidified metal surface erosion。

RemarkAfter completely dried , degreased with P1000 sandpaper wet film can be directly coated with putty or other primer


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