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Primer Series
Plastic primer filler
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Plastic primer filler


Quick-drying , high- strength transparent paste component , media primer


repair body plastic parts , increasing the power of plastics and paint the paste,

Mixing ratio:

No need  mix can spray

Spraying Viscosity :

16- 18 seconds /20 ℃Tu 4 cup

Spray nozzlue:

Up cup spray gun 1.2-1.5mm

Down cup spray gun  1.4-1.6mm

Barometric pressure: 3-3.5KG


2 storey single wet spraying

Evaporation time :

each evaporation time between 5-10 microns

Spray area:

Per liter of approximately 25 square meters can be sprayed with 5 micron film thickness calculation [ ]
Can be sprayed on: remove oil , other impurities , sprayed on plastic body parts [ PP.PP / EPDM ] .


No need sanding


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